Welcome to "Couple of Subs" Y'all!

“Couple of Subs” is a construction podcast by a young couple of newlywed subcontractors, Cody and Kristen Crane, from Mississippi who both work with their family-owned subcontractor companies - Glass Incorporated and FL Crane & Sons. On this podcast, Kristen and Cody, strive to bridge the gap in communication by supplying entertaining insight from multiple viewpoints throughout the construction industry. They discuss different construction-related topics with both established and up-and-coming leaders. You will hear them talk about the ups and downs of construction, how to unify the industry, leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity, construction horror stories, incredible success stories, as well as what it’s like working in a family business. “Couple of Subs” provides comic relief in the stressful world of construction and emphasizes the importance of relationships and communication. Their goal is to become more educated in construction fields other than their own, while also sharing knowledge about life as a Sub. Listen as this dynamic duo puts on their hard hats and gets after this project!


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